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Providing a safe worry-free driving service, 

relocating your vehicle anywhere in the US or Canada.


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Dick is experienced with driving all types of vehicles, autos, pick-up trucks, vans, RVs and trucks up to 26-feet long.

He will not operate any vehicle which is not properly registered, insured or is mechanically unsafe.

I will drive your vehicle, possessions and/or pets
from your front door to the place of your choosing. I will be the only person operating your vehicle. I will use the most expeditious and safest route. I will be available to be contacted 24/7.
- Dick


Dick is a recently retired airline captain who wishes to provide a service to those who are busy and need their personal vehicles and/or possessions moved to a location for their convenience.

As an airline captain, Dick has traveled all over North America and Europe and would like to continue traveling the USA by land. Dick is in good health and does not use tobacco or drugs of any kind. He is adequately insured and very reliable. He has passed the post 911 TSA security background check in good standing and has a perfect driving record.



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